Solar water heaters & PV systems

Our Solar water heater system will provide you with several benefits over conventional water heaters or gas systems. It will help you reduce your hot water heating bills, apart from the fact that you will also be directly reducing greenhouse gas emissions / carbon dioxide, CO2, therefore contributing to a healthier environment.

Solar water heaters are a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home. Our system is guaranteed to work very efficiently in our climate and the fuel they use….. is FREE . . . THE SUN!

How much would I save from my electricity bill once I install a solar water heater?

Consumption based on 4 people in a household would be around 3000 units of power or 8 units per day. Our solar water heater  would
knock down this amount of units by approximatly 90%, down to just 270 units! This will give you a saving of Eur 550 per year from your electricity bill.

Why choose to buy from us?

* We offer onsite inspections and advice for FREE.

* Our system has the latest and most advance technology in the world. It's efficiency is guaranteed even during the Winter/Cloudy period.

* Excellent after sales service backed by 5 years guarantee.

* High quality EU & CE Certified product.

* It will save you 90% off your water heating billing cost every year.

* Professional installer with 10 years experience and has installed over 8,000 units.

* YOU WILL BE BUYING DIRECTLY FROM THE AGENT - No commissions or profit from third parties.

* We guarantee to give you the best price on the market

                                            For more information or an appointment please sms or call us on: 9944 5857

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